Our Covid Safety Plan.

The current Covid situation in Tasmania is ever evolving and our processes may change based on the requirements of the State Government. For more information on Tasmania's current Covid restrictions please visit coronavirus.tas.gov.au.

Keep Covid Safe

Please adhere to ALL Covid behaviours by:

1. Always checking in (parents once you have completed this once, you can use the app to check your child in from the car)

2. If you are over the age of 12 please wear a mask

3. Maintain social distancing

4. Keep your hands clean and do not share drink bottles 

5. Stay home when you are sick (or dance online!), and where required to isolate/quarantine, follow the instructions provided to you by the public health line.


Melissa asks you to be considerate about entering the Studio with any symptoms to contagious illnesses, such as the common cold or flu, as this can have a negative impact on our dance school's community.

Studio 1 (Upstairs) & Studio 2 (Downstairs)

Studio 1 has a larger capacity to Studio 2, depending on class sizes you may be in either. Melissa will confirm this with you prior to our return on the 14th of February. To ensure that you can dance and maintain your social distancing, we are limiting numbers to those in the studio.


Classes will run in both the studio, or via zoom, you can choose to attend either that is appropriate for you. If you are joining via Online classes, please book 24hrs prior to the class commencing, just to ensure you receive your email notification with the link to the class. Melissa may be hosting classes therefore unable to respond to your calls directly if you wait until the last minute.

Attending the studio in person?

If you are attending a class in the studio, you are required to "check in" and wear a mask at all times. You will be required to wear a mask while participating in a class. You can only remove your mask to catch your breath or drink, otherwise you must keep your mask on while dancing (including stretching). Please see the information about drop off/pick ups below.

Drop off and Pick up or participating at the studio

Please do not enter the studio until you see the class prior to yours (or child's) exit the studio from the upstairs door. Entrance to the studio (unless for accessibility requirements) will always be through the bottom door.

Melissa is aware some children who will need to be dropped at the bottom entrance door for safety reasons, please do not walk children upstairs, Melissa (or their teacher) will greet them at this door.

This means our students should have limited contact with classes prior or after their own.

Students entering the studio are to walk through the waiting room and then proceed to either Studio 1 (upstairs) or Studio 2 (downstairs) via the stairs. Please do not walk through the barriers into Studio 2.

Waiting Rooms

Our waiting room will be unavailable this until rules change. Melissa is aware there are some students who walk from school to the studio, please ensure you seek permission and notify Melissa if this is your situation and you will be allowed to use the waiting room.


If you are a parent who normally uses the waiting room while your child is participating in their class, we ask you to wait in your car please.


Each night the studio will be cleaned to prevent the spread of Covid, including (but not limited to):

* Cleaning of all door handles

* Wiping down of the barres

* Cleaning of toilets and kitchen area

The dance studio's will continue to cleaned to adhere with our Covid Safety plan.

Toilets & Kitchen

The kitchen and toilet are permitted to be used, but you are encouraged to continue to minimise the use of these facilities where possible.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melissa.